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25L$ Tuesday – 12/11/2012

The cold is here, inching further and further towards Christmas as you inch tighter & tighter bundled in a blanket…

That cold is just miserable, but thankfully you still have 25L$ Tuesdays to keep you warm with a constant array of fabulous creations to keep you moving & warm!

… or so I can imagine, thinking warm helps – right??

Maybe. Well, either way it’s that time again where 25 talented creators band together to bring you more awesome stuff! So head by the stores & join us for another week.



Hello again 25L-ers! Another fabulous week with 25 great merchants!

Join our new 25L Tuesdays Connection group  where you will be able to get support from fellow members and vendors, news from 25LT vendors, gifts, and updates!  Enrollment is free and open.

You can join through any of the following!


*Search groups for “25L Tuesdays Connection”

*Copy and paste in Second Life chat:

*Visit & touch the kiosk at *any* of the following participating merchant stores.


If you are new to 25LT … WELCOME! We are glad you have joined us. What is 25LT you ask?
Each Tuesday, some of the top Gorean/Fantasy/Role-play content creators Second Life has to offer  will place an item or two in their mainstore marked for sale at 25L.  This special item will be something from the store marked down, an exclusive item, or a special edition item. To receive a list of the participating stores each week, subscribe to the 25LTuesday group via a Subscriber kiosk located in one of the stores listed below!

Below is the list of participating vendors in this week’s 25LT!!!!! The event begins at 12:00 am and ends at 11:59 pm SLTime on Tuesday.  Enjoy the shopping and tell all of your friends to join too!




1. On A Lark | Discovering Destiny
On A Lark

2. Gor Gurls | Harriet Blaisdale
Gor Gurls

3. Sweet Sculpts | alyena raine
Sweet Sculpts

4. Sweet Poison | Bella Domela
Sweet Poison

5. Dysfunctional Designs | Anke Hatchuk |
Dysfunctional Designs

6. Firestorm Creations | Cynful Deed, Tatlon Spiritor
FireStorm Creations

7. Returned Karma | jada Tigerpaw
Returned Karma

8. :BearCub: Ursula Topaz
Bear Cub

9. For F’s Sake! |  Giselle555 Resident /Cape Weary
For F’s Sake

10. Torvis Weapons | Torvis Rainfall
Torvis Weapons

11. [Silk&Steel] | Nixon Kytori & Lilli Breda

12. Atiya Baar |Razi Mohana- Tiar

13. *~ Dream Things ~* | Pia Uladstron
Dream Things

14. [Freya] | Tammy Crystal

15. The Sweet Pea | Cloey Scorfield
Sweet Pea

16. ~Sa-eela~ | Nenya Eun

17. Kei-Spot & Poliak’s Emporium | Keiko Zoon & Robbyn Poliak

18. BELISSIMA | paty larimore

19. Fabled | Whispy Karu

20. Cynful Designs | Aislynne Melnik
Cynful Designs

21. Luas | AinaraLuas resident

22. ::Una::/ Una daxter/  Flirck group: /

23. PeKaS Design| kiradark jigsaw
PeKas Design

24. Virtual Whimsy | Harlow Littleboots
Virtual Whimsy

25. Wild Talender | Mandorla Latte
Wild Talender




And for the favorite part, here are some preview pics that our wonderful participating merchants have provided!

Don’t see  a pic from a certain store? Let that creator know you want preview pics by contacting them directly.

Pictures here are all submitted by creators, and not mandatory.




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